Degree  in  Business  from  the  University  of  Castilla-­La  Mancha.  Postgraduate  from  Muskingum  University (United States of America).

Master in Accounting  and Audit. She is chartered  accountant recorded with the Official Registry of  Chartered  Accountants  (Registro  Oficial  de  Auditores  de Cuentas)  under  number  19,888. 

She  also  holds an Executive MBA from Chamber of Commerce of Toledo (2005-­2006). Postgraduate diploma as  Expert  in  Bankruptcy  Law  (European  University  of  Madrid). 

Diploma  in  Civil and  Corporate  Mediation (Chamber of Commerce of Toledo).


She began her professional career at KPMG Auditors in 2001, where she carried out several tasks. In  2005 she  joined Deloitte,  S.L. At  the same  year, she  joined Abaco Auditores Consultores,  S.L.,  as  manager of such firm.


From  2009 she  carried  out  her  professional  labor  as  economist  and  auditor.  She  collaborates  with  professional  firms  in  audit  activities,  strategic  consultancy,  entrepreneurial  restructuring  and  receivership. She  has  broad  experience in  audit  and  consultancy works in many industries, such  us  energy,  natural  resources,  manufacturing,  financial,  construction,  communications  and  public  administrations.

She  has  led  different  projects  of  mergers,  winding­ups,  assessment  of  companies,  due  diligence,  sustainability reports and international projects.


She  is  currently  member  of  the  Madrid  Association  of  Economists  (number  23,444),  member  of  REFOR  (number  1,828),  member  of  REA  (number  4,782),  member  of  ECIF  (number  1,760)  and  member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants as well as member of the Registry of Accountant  Appraisers


Degree in Economics and business from the University of Castilla-La Mancha.


Master in Audit by the Madrid Economists Association. He is chartered accountant recorded with the Official Registry of Chartered Accountants (Registro Oficial de Auditores de Cuentas) under number 19,883. Postgraduate diploma as Expert in Bankruptcy Law (European University of Madrid). Specialist course in Civil and Corporate Mediation (Thomson Reuters Aranzadi). Postgraduate as specialist in Financial Management of Professional Soccer (Spanish High Council for Sports).


He began his professional career in international audit firm Mazars Auditores, S.L., in 1998. He joined Abaco Auditores, S.L. in December 2000, where he reached the post of management and responsible for the audit department.


From 2008 he works in audit, strategic consulting, entrepreneurial advice, mergers, appraisals. He is also receiver in collaboration with the Corporate Courts of Madrid, Toledo and Guadalajara. He is recorded with the Registry of Mediators of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.


He is member of the Madrid Economists Association (number 21,273) and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Registered with the Registry of Forensic Economists under number 1,829. Member of the Registry of Economists­Tax Advisers under number 7,003. Member number 256 of the Registry of Auditors of Information Systems. Member of the Registry of Labor Advisers. Member number 5,995 in the Spanish Association of Accountancy and Business Administration.