Our Company, Univer Audit, S.L. 



In Univer Audit, S.L. our goal is to lead the development through more efficient services, by contributing innovative and consistent solutions.

Our specialization permits us to offer our clients the most complete supply of products in audit field, a 

market that is increasingly competitive.


We add value with our services and relationships that are led by the values of excellence, teamwork and leadership. We are not talking about theoretical concepts, but about behaviors that are a material part of our professional practice, which help us reach our goal: outstanding service for the client


People and clients are the central axis of our values. We insert our vision of a sustainable business and responsible by showing, on a day-to-day basis, a behavior in accordance with our values and our view to be the best in our services, in our relationship with the clients and in the management of people.



As chartered accountants, we face each work by considering the needs and the economic scope in which the audited company is involved. We also adjust to your specific circumstances the proper rigor for the audit techniques and accountant revision. In this task, we allocate the most appropriate professionals for the case at hand, and we pay special attention to the cost-benefit relationship that our work can contribute for the client.


Prior to the conduction of any work, we need to know the scope thereof, for the purposes of offering the utmost effectiveness for the client, as well as the best adjustment to the client’s necessities. Once we know and have a detail of the works to be conducted, we commit to submitting an individualized fee proposal for our clients as soon as possible. Our aforementioned commitment also comprises a discussion of the contents of such fee proposal.